Eberts Trim Restoration Stainless Trim Restoration - All Makes and Models
Pricing Guide for Trim Restoration
Unfortunately, we cannot give you an exact cost on the restoration of your trim without a personal inspection.  The cost depends on the condition of the metal and how labor-intensive the restoration process will be to achieve the highest quality outcome.  
Please let us know your trim is on its way.  We will do a complete assessment, and provide you with an exact cost and estimated time frame for completion.  If this is acceptable, we will start work on your trim.  If not, the pieces are returned, no questions asked.  Evaluations and estimates are free, but you are responsible for return shipping costs.  If you have a deadline, please plan ahead, and give us enough time to do a good job. 
Shipping and handling:  For straight pieces of trim, we recommend using a PVC tube.  Make sure that both ends are secure to avoid losing merchandise in transit.  For other pieces, use a sturdy box with plenty of padding.  
Before packing, please remove all brackets and clips, unless confirmed with us beforehand that related hardware needs to be retained.  We do provide bead blasting, and repainting of hardware at an extra charge, along with, reassembly and refastening of trim units.